Health in a Cup

Health in a cup

You might have heard about the menstrual cup, and the amazing benefits it brings you. From better health to environmental benefits and more, the cup can work wonders for you. If you want to know how the Nari-Yari cup can improve your menstrual health, read on! 

Maintains the pH & lowers instances of bacterial infections

The cup has no chemicals in it which can interfere with the delicate pH balance of the vagina. Disturbances in the pH balance can cause a plethora of bacterial infections which create month-long irritation and significant damage to health.

Rash-free period – No wings, or irritants to cause rashes 

With menstrual pads, there are wings which aid in securing it in place. These wings contain glue and chemicals which chafe against the delicate skin of the inner thigh and labia, causing rashes which last well past the period.. 

Menstrual cups on the other hand are inserted into the body. Being made of silicone, they contain no glue or chemicals, and thus cause no rashes. 

No risk of TSS – Can be used safely for up to 12 hours

Tampons carry an element of risk of TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome. They absorb menstrual blood and over time, the bacteria present in the blood could trigger the potentially life-threatening syndrome. 

Since the Nari-Yari cup only collects the blood and does not absorb it, there is no fear of build-up of bacteria, and thus no fear of TSS.

No dangerous chemicals used 

Numerous chemicals are used in pads via bleach, fragrance additives and so on. These have been known to cause abnormal growth in reproductive tissues which leads to cervical cancer. 

The menstrual cups have no bleach, no fragrances and no chemicals added to them, which means no risk of abnormal growth.

More sleep 

For people with regular flow, the Nari-Yari cup can be used safely for upto 12 hours. This means you no longer have to interrupt your sleep to change pads/tampons. Longer stretches of good sleep means increased productivity, better concentration and overall good health.

No allergies 

Fragrances or perfumes found in pads and tampons can cause itching and other irritation to the vagina. Cups are latex-free, fragrance-free, lead and mercury-free, which means there’s nothing to irritate the delicate skin and tissues. 

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