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About Nari-Yari

“That Time of The Month” is something that most, if not all, women particularly dislike. The physical discomfort, the PMS, the frequent trips to the loo, the rashes brought on by sanitary napkins – they all add up to make for a miserable experience.

Nari-Yari changes a vital factor in this equation. It encourages women to move from a single-use disposable pad to a reusable medical-grade silicone menstrual cup. It leads women from rashes brought on by the myriad chemicals present in sanitary napkins to the safety of the menstrual cup.

Imagine a world where you didn't have to dash to the bathroom every couple of hours to change. A world where the horror of finding yourself without a pad in the house did not exist. A world where sustainable menstruation was a way of life rather than some unattainable Utopia. If you've done that, you've just imagined the world that Nari-Yari opens up to you!


The founders of Nari-Yari – Nisha Bellare and Latha Krishna – have been actively working towards protecting and preserving the environment for over a decade. When they realized the impact that single-use sanitary napkins had on the Earth, they started hunting for a solution. Added to this, they were shocked at the chemicals present in a seemingly innocuous sanitary pad (like Dioxin that can cause abnormal tissue growth in reproductive organs). From here, the idea of Nari-Yari – every women's best friend – was born! The team at Nari-Yari is very proud that the product is entirely Made in India.

Rtn. Nisha Bellare

Founder & Partner

Rtn. Lata Krishna

Co Founder & Partner

Technical Partners

Brahad Elastomers Pvt. Ltd. Ramanand Bellare (Managing Director) and Shivanand Bellare (Technical Director) have between them several decades of manufacturing experience as well as technical expertise. Brahad Elastomers is one of the pioneers in the field of Silicone Rubbers in India, with many firsts to its credit. When they expanded to include healthcare as a focus area, 4 years of research went into making the Nari-Yari cups the most comfortable and reliable in the market! Firm supporters of the Make in India movement, they are one of the only indigenous manufacturers of the menstrual cup in India.


The idea of Nari-Yari was brought to life by Nisha and Latha. Brahad Elastomers give shape to each cup and Neelavathi helps pack them. However, the message of the cup is taken to cities, towns and villages by our zealous Mission-Naris. Not only does this mean that the Nari-Yari cup is available close to you, it also means that the message of greening the red and spreading awareness about the cup is taken to the remotest parts of India.


We are truly proud to be associated with Ms. Neelavathi, a Paralympian and Green Entrepreneur, who provides the eco-friendly packaging material for Nari-Yari cups.


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